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We can assist you to get personal advice and treatment in one of the leading Hungarian Plastic Surgery Private Clinics.

Plastic and General Surgery

The Dental Implant Centre, one of Hungary's largest dental clinics, awaits its patients with complex solutions to all dental and oral-surgical problems at the highest European standards.

We specialize in aesthetic dentistry and implantology. The tranquil atmosphere of our clinic and its modern, state of the art equipment, combined with the undivided attention and exceptional professional expertise of our staff all ensure that you leave here completely satisfied, with the most beautiful smile possible. We can offer you first class dental treatment at incredible prices. You can spend a week's holiday in our town, experience the tourist delights of Hungary, have dental work done and save thousands of Euros. If you have any questions, We'll be happy to give you a quick answer.

How to proceed

1 Get in touch with our local

coordinator who will give you detailed information.

2 Please arrange to have an OPG panoramic x-ray at a dental surgery. Our local representative will help you with this and will forward the X-ray to us. The panoramic X-ray reveals the state of your teeth and jaw bones, so we will be able to put together a detailed dental treatment plan tailored to your needs.

3 Having the treatment plan at your hands you can decide to travel to Hungary to start your dental treatment or you can make an intitial appointment for a consultation with the dental team when they make their eight -w eekly visits to the UK , with the help of our local coordinators.

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4 The dentists will provide a free assessment of your dental needs. The treatment plan will show you the treatment costs and the time you will need to spend in Hungary.

5 After agreing on the treatment date with the Dentalcentre all you need to do is to book your flights to and from Budapest Airport.

6 In discussion with our coordinator choose your accommodation, either in a four-star apartment or a brand new hotel, all close to to the Dental Implant Centre; and they will book it for you.

7 On arrival at Budapest airport you will be met by our free taxi service and be taken to your accommodation. A member of the dental team will greet you there to provide you with further information.

8 At your first appointment after making the necessary examinations the dental team will discuss the treatment details again with you and will start your treatment.

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The quality of our work is guaranteed by our complex diagnostic system, digital panorama X-ray, CT facility, and the highest quality apparatus, implements and materials. All our applied dental and oral-surgical materials and products are selected from the best, most highly reputable brands and international suppliers. Our dentists and oral surgeons are registered with foreign dental councils, and we have our own or associate dental clinics in Ireland, England, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Naturally, all our work carries a complete guarantee in accordance with EU standards.

If you're looking for a one-stop, all-round solution for your specific dental problem, look no further. Our clinic's international reputation, born from the highest quality and level of service to patients from a vast array of European countries, has made it one of the main destinations of dental tourism in Hungary.

Patients have been arriving to Dental Clinic since 1990 from every European country but mainly Ireland, Germany, Italy, England, Switzerland.

dentistry in Hungary

In 2010 we opened a new wing of our clinic which is to the highest possible standards with our patients comfort in mind. ->>

Registered with the:

  • Irish Dental Council
  • British General Dental Council
  • German Dental Council
  • Italian Dental Council

Training in the latest methods and developments in modern dentistry is ongoing:

  • Nobel Replace
  • Nobel Active
  • Nobel Alpha Bio
  • Nobel Branemark
  • Ankylos
  • Straumann
  • BEGO Semados
  • Camlog
  • Oraltronics - Pitt-Easy
  • TriVent
  • SGS

We are one of the first dental practices in Hungary to undertake implant dentistry. We offer a wide range of dental implantology using different types of well-established implant systems according to our patients' needs.

Our highly qualified and experienced specialists offer the latest techniques in oral surgery, implantology, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Every member of our team was chosen for their attitude, professionalism and competence.

Our surgery is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and facilities. The dental laboratory is integrated into our surgery so our technicians are in a very close working relationship with our dentists. Since 1990 we have been offering first class dental treatment to many thousands of patients from numerous European countries, including Ireland, England, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Ttreatments offered:

Full mouth reconsruction:

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry: